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Outline of Mountains



My Focus Areas

Gender Dysphoria and Exploration:  I respect your lived experience as more valuable than anything I can read in a book, and understand that transition looks different for everyone.  I can help provide resources and support for wherever you are in your journey.  I also recognize that your gender identity may not be why you are seeking counseling, but that it is important for your counselor to be an ally.  I believe that “ally” is a verb, and that advocacy is important.  I have experience facilitating treatment and support groups for gender dysphoria, and am a co-founder of Transcend Canton.

Children and Adolescents: I work with a variety of presenting concerns, including anxiety, depression, divorce, self esteem, trauma,  and behavioral concerns.  I understand that the idea of coming to counseling can be anxiety provoking, and take a warm and patient approach to building the relationship and creating a safe environment.  I use a variety of techniques, including sand tray, expressive arts, CBT, mindfulness skills and play.  I have worked in school-based mental health in Stark county since 2012 as a behavior coach and school based therapist,  and hold a School Counselor license. 

Trauma: I utilize a trauma informed lens in my practice of therapy.  This means that I hold awareness that past experiences may be impacting your current relationships and perception of self.  This does not necessarily mean that we have to talk about what happened, unless you want to.  I hold training in sandtray and EMDR, and am currently working towards EMDRIA certification.  


I tend to take a warm, person centered approach to therapy. You are the expert on your own life, and therapy can be at whatever pace suits you. I believe building a secure  therapeutic relationship is a vital step in the process. Therapy should be a safe, dedicated place for exploration and skill building. 


Come as you are, and we will cry, laugh, or swear (if that’s your style) together.


Sara Satterlee


I received a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Development from Walsh University in 2014. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Supervisor (LPCC-S). Additionally, I hold a Pupil Services license as a Licensed School Counselor. I have extensive experience collaborating with kids and their families in school and office settings. Working for over 8 years in this community, I have many connections to resources that can support your growth. I regularly collaborate with other professionals in the area (doctors, surgeons, school staff, etc) to ensure you reach your goals. Further, I provide supervision and continuing education to mental health professionals related to gender dysphoria and identity.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor - Supervisor 

Licensed School Counselor 

TRC North Canton & TRC Mayfield Village

Personal Info

I have too many cats, 4 in total: Blue, Red, Indigo & Violet. Nothing in this world aside from the dentist gives me more anxiety than having to share fun facts about myself. I like black cats, Tom Petty and Animal Crossing. Other hobbies include: starting but not completing knitting projects, reading under my weighted blanket, yin yoga and spending time with my family and friends. 

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