Outline of Mountains


My Focus Areas

New Mothers, Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety:  Having a baby is a huge transition that can completely flip your world upside down.  Sometimes this transition can be harder than expected and hormones can make you feel crazy or out of control.  You also have this new tiny human, depending on you for EVERYTHING.  I have found a passion in helping new mothers learn to cope with this transition, mom guilt, and the negative symptoms that may occur during this time, as well as helping them to explore their changing identity. 

Relationships and connection:  As humans we have a basic need for connection and we seek to find it in many ways, some of these ways are healthy, and some not so much.  Forming and maintaining a healthy therapeutic relationship can be a safe way to practice identifying and developing healthy connections with yourself, friends, family, partners, or others. 

Couples:  Remember those relationships and connections we were just talking about? So you found a person you want to try that with and maybe it’s going great or it’s not as smooth as you had hoped.  I can help you and your partner identify areas for growth and create change to ease some of that friction that comes with relationships.  

My Ideal Client: My ideal client is someone who is motivated for exploration and change, is present both physically and emotionally and enjoys a balance of support and compassion with humor and sarcasm.  I enjoy working with clients who are open to trying new experiences, learning about themselves and are willing to lean into their discomfort.  


I tend toward a highly supportive and validating, person-centered approach.  We are all human and we all make mistakes and have baggage to deal with.  I believe that in order to grow into the best versions of ourselves, we need to surround ourselves with non-judgmental, compassionate people who are also willing to challenge us in a supportive way - this is a role I can fill.  I am client-led, meaning that you have the power to choose what you need, be that a space to express yourself, active exploration, or guidance.  I utilize a variety of experiences and techniques to help you reach your goals including building a unique relationship with you, expressive arts, play, talk therapy, mindfulness, psychoeducation, and more.

Sara Kunkle


Marriage & Family Therapist

Professional Clinical Counselor 

TRC Belden Village 


I completed a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at The University of Akron in 2016 and have since become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I have had the opportunity to serve others in community based mental health working with children, teens and adults.  I specialize in helping couples and families improve relationships and connection.  I have received extensive training in systems theories and additional training in trauma and Trust Based Relational Intervention, the Gottman Method and sandtray therapy.

Personal Information

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, son, and two cats.  We like to hike local trails and have picnics, attend RubberDucks games and we love going to the zoo.  I also have many creative passions including crochet, knitting, painting, sewing and an all around appreciation and enjoyment of craft projects. Some of my favorite days are the quiet ones where I get to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book.