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Outline of Mountains


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My Focus Areas

Trauma: Trauma is a wound. It is an experience that is stored differently in the mind and body from other experiences. At times, it can be so loud that it drowns out your present, interferes with your day and robs you of your sleep at night, readying you for the next threat. I am passionate about working with trauma as a focus area as it often is a root of much suffering, and with treatment, can lead to deeper peace. I have studied and continue to learn how creativity, movement, and whole-body approaches can allow you to heal. I am EMDRIA certified in EMDR, and can offer this among several other trauma informed options to help you create conditions to heal and find relief.

Relationships: As humans, we are wired for connection from inception. Relationships can take center stage in our life and may be central focus when they are not working the way we hope and need. In therapy, I can provide a space for you to process what is happening in your relationships, reflect how you are part of a system as well as help empower you with ways for creating desired changes with others.
Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety and depression can leave a person feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and energetically stuck. It could feel like being full throttle with no way to go or like there is no gas, no means to move from a heavy, dark, place even if you tried. Although they are different, they both can have the unwanted result of preventing you from being able to enjoy the present. I have worked with these as well as a range of other conditions. I can help you to increase awareness about yourself, learn new ways of coping as well as develop tools for managing these symptoms. Through working together, I will help you reclaim more of your life force and use your energy to create and live life as you want to live.

Life Transitions:  One of the few constants in life is the certainty of change. Whether you are going through a “first” and just need some support, or struggling with a particularly difficult patch in your life, I can help you navigate the challenges of this new space to help you feel calmer and more confident. I have had the opportunity to assist refugees working to survive and adjust to a new world, assist adults leaving abusive relationships, work with at-risk teens in developing self-assurance and identity, as well as assist people in navigating relationship and changes of life and family. Working together will help you know you are not alone.

Sarah Griffith


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 

EMDRIA Certified Therapist

TRC North Canton


My approach is warm, relaxed, and person-centered. I believe it is an honor to hear your story and to be able to journey with you as a guide during this part of your life. I value your individual experiences and want to understand your part in a larger system. I will work to make a space to help you to feel heard and seen and find what helps you in your efforts towards healing. I will work to meet you where you are and welcome all backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences.


I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings with people from many walks of life in my professional life. I have previously worked with refugees, immigrants, and marginalized groups as well as students, teens, adults of all ages, and the LGBT+ community. In  my counseling work, I have experience working in community mental health as well as in private practice. I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling and Human Development from Walsh University. I have certification in EMDR from EMDRIA, as well as specific training with DBT, art therapy, somatic or body-based approaches, CBT, IFS, narrative therapy, written exposure therapy, breathwork and mindfulness. I use a person-centered approach and draw from gestalt and systems theory among others.

Personal Information

What I love most is spending time and being with my three children, two teens and one “tween,” and our two black kitties, Chloe and Spooky. For balance, I like to run and walk outside early in the morning and be in nature hiking, or just find beauty around the block. To me, messy hands are one the signs that I am having fun. I like painting and drawing, making music, cooking or working in the earth with plants growing snap dragons and herbs in my small yard. I also have been known to save earthworms from the sidewalk after heavy rains. I hope to work with you soon!

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