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Greg Southard


Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

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TRC Belden Village

My Focus Areas

Families: Families go through challenges all of the time, ranging from typical life transitions, divorce, miscommunication, and you name it. My goal is to assist families with identifying dysfunctional patterns and making sure that all members are equally heard. We will explore how to find the most fair and equal ways of desired change for wellness with your family.

LGBTQ+: As a LGBTQ+ informed therapist, I want to create a safe place for you to be nothing but your authentic self. Too often do I hear the “horror stories” of un-affirming therapists that make us feel uncomfortable to be and express ourselves. My goal is to work through the stigma and unique difficulties that can be dealt from family of origin or the community you live in within these communities.

My ideal client: My ideal client is someone who is motivated for treatment and has a passion to work on their goals and appreciates humor and fun sarcasm.


As a therapist, I create a safe and confidential space to allow you to feel comfortable with sharing whatever it is that you need to work on, while holding you accountable in a kind, yet direct therapeutic way. My training is in systems theories, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) approaches. I live for systems and believe in all the vast systems that play a role in our lives, ranging from your family, your friends, the communities you identify in, your coworkers and all the other relationships you can think of.


I completed my Master’s at The University of Akron in Marriage & Family Counseling/Therapy. I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Throughout my clinical experiences, I have worked in a variety of mental health settings ranging from office-based counseling to school-based. Additionally, I have multiple years of experience working predominantly with children and adolescents ranging from ages 4 to 17, having further training in play therapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) approaches. Along with my passion for counseling, I am also an Assistant Lecturer at The University of Akron. There I teach courses within the Child & Family Development program, assisting undergraduates with furthering their education in understanding how children develop and the various dynamics of relationships across the lifespan.

Personal Information

Outside of the world of counseling, you will likely find me partaking in my many hobbies. The gym is important for my own self-care to help release stress 3-5 times per week. I grew up with Nintendo, and it will always hold a special place in my heart so I still have to play my classics. Spending quality time with friends eating too much food, nature walks, movies, and exploring local businesses are some of the many fun ways I enjoy my free time. My favorite food is cheese, and I am that person who secretly does not want the server to stop adding fresh grated cheese to my food, but I tell them "that's good"  since I feel bad,  but I just want the entire block.

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