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Dr. Rodriguez Dragomir


Independent Marriage (Couple) and Family Therapist- Supervisor

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor- Supervisor

Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency (Addiction) Counselor- Supervisor

AAMFT Approved Supervisor

TRC North Canton

My Focus Areas

Relational connections: Life is about relationships and connection with others. Some are fulfilling, and some may be challenging or stagnant. We can explore what fills your cup or empties it.

Empowerment and agency: A person’s growth in self-empowerment and being able to be the change agent in their life can be quite powerful. We will explore what your voice says, and how you can best use it to advocate for yourself and the important issues in your life/family/community.

Systemic change: Being a systemic therapist, I have seen the impact that one person can make onto others just by their efforts of change. People have the ability to make ripple effects in others’ lives, other systems, in small communities, and the world.

My ideal client: My ideal client is one who shows up, both physically and otherwise. I appreciate collaborating on what you feel/think are your needs and areas of growth, while reminding you of the strengths you already hold. We both bear responsibility for therapy being productive and value added to your life.


My approach is collaborative, strength-focused, skill building, and value added to client’s goals for growth. I consider the conceptualization of one’s life challenges within a biopsychosocial and systemic model approach. I am an integrative clinical therapist, and regularly utilize evidence based practices. I know that I own some responsibility for your success in therapy, and am open to a shared exploration of what else can be most helpful to you on your journey of hard work.


I started my journey in the counseling/therapy field over 20 years ago. Over my time, I have had the privilege of providing home-based therapy with at-risk youth and their families in the community, working with individuals, couples, and families in multiple settings including psychiatric hospitals, schools, juvenile detention and residential centers, universities, outpatient, and private practice. I have worked in the world of evidence based practices, specifically Mutisystemic Therapy, as a therapist, supervisor, consultant and trainer for 17 years. I have a passion for home-based family therapy, and continue my work as a consultant, trainer, and researcher with Ohio teams’ treating psychiatric acute and at-risk youth via my work at Case Western Reserve University. Addiction work has also been an interest of mine, and I have supported folks with their journey through sobriety and growth. I also provide systemic supervision and consultation to persons on their journey with license advancement. I continue to learn and advance my own practice and growth, and more recently was trained in EMDR to support clients’ in clearing their past difficult events.

Personal Information

While I have had the privilege and enjoy doing research, publishing, teaching, training, supervision, and consulting, etc.; it is my career satisfaction in providing counseling and therapy to others. I strive for work-home life balance. I make best attempts to be mindful, appreciate the small things, and focus on daily meditation practice. I value the persons and relationships in all domains of my life, including the clients that I learn from as well. I enjoy reading (although more non-fiction than fiction), music, yoga, walks and biking in nature, TV and movies, and learning new things. My favorite books are The Alchemist and To Kill A Mockingbird. I am an INFJ, and in the Ravenclaw house. The lotus flower is my favorite flower, and the changing leaves in fall is my favorite time of the year. I strive and fight for the fairness, equality, equity, and social justice of others. I look forward to meeting you and working together soon!